Tree & Shrub Care

Bildsten Landscape Services provides tree and shrub care services for our customers that may include:

Pruning Program

Early Spring trimming: (to be done prior to bud break.)

  • Removal of crossing limbs, bad crotch angles and thinning of small trees as needed.
  • Summer flowering shrubs will be trimmed back at this time to stimulate new growth and better bloom set.
  • All suckers will be removed from plants at this time.

Spring trimming: (to be done after main flush of growth.)

  • Trimming of evergreens to maintain natural shape.
  • Removal of flush growth from deciduous shrubs.
  • Spot prune any plants that have flushed more than desired to maintain neat appearance.

Summer trimming: (to be done in late August or September.)

  • Plants will be trimmed to remove second flush of growth.
  • Old wood flowering plants will be trimmed after they are finished blooming.
  • Removal of any sucker growth from trees is done at this time.

Tree and Shrub Disease Control:

Spraying of all trees (below 25’) and shrubs for insects and diseases.

  • Four applications of insect and disease control products.

If you are interested in any or all of these services please contact us at 298-3832  for a free estimate.